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Ricky Simon FREE Breakdown:
Simon has a wrestling and cardio advantage in this matchup that will serve him well. Yahya has a very poor gas-tank and needs to discover an early submission for success here. He’s a complete wizard in the grappling department therefore Simon will be far better keep this one standing initially and wear Yahya out on the feet. Assuming he can endure the first round blitz, Simon’s design style and output will takeover. A conclusion or decision by accumulation from the subsequent rounds is probably. At pick’em chances we enjoy Simon to win well over 50 percent of their time in this matchup.
Bet = Simon at 1.94 (-106) chances. Risk 3 Units to acquire 2.8 Units.Montana De La Rosa Breakdown:
Montana is a tenacious wrestler and grappler. Kassem is very inexperienced and has versed exceptionally low level opponents. On the toes this could be marginally even, Montana is serviceable and Kassem has a wonderful technique but lacks power. The takedown and grappling defense of Kassem looks non-existant from her current footage so the path to success for Montana is very obvious. Look for Montana to get this one down to the mat often where she probably finds a submission.
Bet = De La Rosa in 1.40 (-250) chances. Risk 4 Units to acquire 1.6 Units.
Sam Alvey Breakdown:
Alvey has exactly the exact same gameplan every fight but it is going to serve him well here. Crute is very green and with a short notice opponent switch is not likely to have accommodated his own gameplan considerably to match. Alvey’s takedown defense should keep this one position and it will come down to power versus output. Crute is aggressive on the feet but does not have any protection when entering the pocket to attack. The counter tops for Alvey should be wide open all fight. Crute will fight with his wrestling and also get distressed on the toes as frustration sets in. Alvey is a good choice at underdog odds to land an KO blow someplace within three rounds.
Bet = Alvey in 2.27 (+127) odds. Risk 3 Units to win 3.8 Units.
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